KZN Inland Hockey

KZN Inland Umpires

This list is being updated

In KZN Inland we have limited resources, but of those fine and few we have great talent not only at club level but at national and international level as well .

Below is a list of all the umpires who are currently active in senior hockey in KZN Inland. 


Active Outdoor Umpires in KZN Inland




Gary Carson     Level 4

Llwellyn Soine   Level 3

Ian Griffiths     Level 3

Brad Neal         Level 2

Kyle Pillay        Mini Level 1



Lyndal Robertson             FIH

Melissa Taylor                 Level 4

Tanya van Niekerk           Level 4

Tessa van Vuuren            Level 3

Micayla Storm                 Level 1

Alana Marais                   Mini Level 1

Lee Baker                       Level 0


Active Indoor Umpires in KZN Inland

Gary Carson           Level 4

Lyndal Robertson    Level 4

Llwellyn Soine        Level 3

Kyle Pillay